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1 May 1986
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221b baker street, allison/scott, andrew bird, angel, angel/buffy, arthur/eames, being gay for space, being human, beirut, ben folds, ben/leslie, bishi, black books, bloc party, boyd/erica, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/faith, cecil/carlos, charles/erik, city and colour, cobb/ariadne, cook/effy, cook/freddie, cook/freddie/effy, david bowie, dead like me, dean's face, dean/castiel, derek/stiles, doctor who, doctor/rose, doumyouji/makino, eames/arthur, effy/freddie, elementary, emily/naomi, enterprise orgies, eric/godric, faith/wesley, fanfic, fanvids, final fantasy, finnick/annie, firefly, florence + the machine, franz ferdinand, fringe, game of thrones, gay angel boyfriend, gilmore girls, grizzly bear, gwen/rhys, hana yori dango, hannibal, harry potter, harry/luna, holmes/watson, hoyt/jessica, inception, jack/eugene, jack/ianto, jeff buckley, jens lekman, jeremy warmsley, jim halpert's face, jim/pam, joanna newsom, jun-pyo/jan-di, kate bush, katniss/peeta, kirk/mccoy, larrikin love, life on mars, loney dear, luke/lorelei, mark fucking pellegrino, master/lucy, maxïmo park, merlin, merlin/arthur, molly/moriarty, music videos, mvs, ned/olive, nine/rose, ot3, pacific rim, parks and recreation, patrick wolf, pinback, placebo, pushing daisies, remus/sirius, romantic dance time, rory/amy, roswell, roundtable of the underworld, ruby & crowley bffz, ruby/sam, rufus wainwright, sam/annie, sebastian moran, serenity, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock/joan, sid/cassie, simon/kaylee, sirius/remus, skins, spaced, spike/drusilla, star trek, sufjan stevens, supernatural, teen wolf, the beatles, the cribs, the decemberists, the futureheads, the hunger games, the it crowd, the libertines, the mauraders, the mighty boosh, the office, the smiths, the strokes, the white stripes, tony/sid, tony/sid/cassie, torchwood, totally fucking mexico, true blood, velvet goldmine, wash/zoe, welcome to night vale, wesley/faith, willow/oz, willow/tara, wonderfalls, x-men, zombies run!

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